Asm: দেৰগাঁও dēragāon

‘God’s Village’  [Devagram] Town,  Assam

From Asm: deor, ‘god’; and Asm: gāon, ‘village’ 

Its old name Devagram [From Skt:  deva, ‘god’; and grama, ‘village’] is simply a translation.

The god in question is Shiva who has a temple here. It was first built in the 8-9thC and lay in ruins until a devotee found it in the river Dihing.

The 18thC Ahom king Rajeswar Singha brought the linga from the river and reconstructed the present temple, Negheriting Shiva Doul.

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Negheriting Shiva Doul temple (Dergaon)             Anupom sarmah