Bih/Hin: डेहरी आन सोन dehri ān son

‘Threshold’   Town, Bihar

From Hin: देहरी dēharī, ‘threshold’

The 784km Sone river is one of India’s longest. Here at Dehri it yields a bonanza of sand making Dehri the Sand Capital of India.

There are concerns that sand mining is causing irreparable damage to the Sone river and local wildlife [Article: Sand Mafia-
On foot across India’s plundered riverlands].

It is likely that Dehri’s important position as a river crossing betwen Varanasi in the west bank and Gaya on the east lies behind its name.

The 3 km, 3-track Nehru Setu Dehari-Songar bridge over the Sone river is the longest railway bridge in India.

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