Mar: दौलताबाद daulatābāda

‘Fortune City’   [Devagiri, Deogiri]  -Village/Ancient City/Fort    Maharashtra

From Urd: daulat, ‘fortune’, ‘happiness’; and Urd: ābād, ‘city’, ‘settlement’.

Founded as Devagiri/Deogiri in the 12thC [‘Hill of the Gods’, from Mar: deva/deo, ‘god, ‘deity’; and Mar: giri,hill’], it was captured by Muhammad Tughluq in the 14thC. He moved the residents of Delhi 1,000km south to consolidate his victory by populating the city but seventeen years later he changed his mind and moved back.

The ancient city was encircled by a fort wall measuring 4.43 km with a further three defence walls protecting the route up to the inner fort.

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Daulatabad Fort       Jean-Pierre Dalbéra