Hin/Bih: दरभंगा darbhanga

‘Gateway to Bengal’    City/District, Bihar 

From Darbhangi Khan; or Hin: दर dar, ‘door’, ‘gateway’; and भंग, bhāṅg, ‘breach’, ‘split’ or ‘hemp’ [Cannabis sativa].

None of the derivations seem particularly satisfactory.

Darbhanga is probably more of a gateway to Nepal than Bengal (Raj Darbhanga was a dynasty ruling territories now split between Bihar and Nepal) and the name Darbhangi Khan matches no known ruler, so this is guesswork too.darbhanga

Darbhanga has a long artistic, musical and literary tradition and is known as the ‘Cultural Capital of Bihar’.

It is the oldest city in the Maithili-speaking Mithila region and is called the ‘Heart of Mithilaanchal’.

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Darbhanga Airport, Darbhanga (Bihar). The origin of the Indian place name Darbhanga is discussed here.

Darbhanga Airport, Darbhanga                ElvishRoy99


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