Sin: දඹදෙණිය dambadeṇiya – Tam: தம்பதெனிய dampateṉiya 

‘Field of Damba Trees’  Ancient city, archaeological site, NWP, Sri Lanka

From Sin: damba, ‘damba fruit tree’; and deniya, ‘level or cultivated ground, field’.

The ‘damba tree’ is confusingly known by a number of overlapping names: Malabar, Java or black plum; jamun, jambu or jambolana; and rose apple. These relate to the following Latin synonyms: Syzygium cumini,  Eugenia jambolana, Syzygium jambolana, Eugenia cumini, and Syzygium jambos. It is an evergreen tree valued for its fruit, timber and ayurvedic properties.

Galub Jamun, the Indian dessert, is named after it because the dough balls resemble the plum shape of the fruit.

Dambadeniya is a ruined ancient city and served briefly as the capital of Sri Lanka in the 13thC when Polonnaruwa came under siege.

The excavations at the site have uncovered the Temple of the Tooth Relic, city foundations, ramparts, moats and gardens.

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