Odi: କଟକ kaṭaka

 ‘Royal Fort’ [Bidanasi Katak]  City/District, Odisha

From Skt: kaṭakḥ, ‘royal capital, cantonment, fort or metropolis’. 

Cuttack is the second largest city in Odisha, but no longer the capital which is Bhubaneswar.

Its original name was Bidanasi Katak, but the name was dropped leaving only the generic function.

The 13thC Barabati Fort lies in ruins; all that survives is the arched gateway, an earthen mound, pillar foundations and the moat.

Cuttack has a history going back to the 10thC and a 500-year-old tradition of tarakasi, ‘silver filigree’, where tiny threads and beads of silver are soldered and arranged in ornate motifs. 

The filigree industry has seen a sharp decline in recent years [Articles: COVID-19: Cuttack’s silver filigree artists stare at a bleak future, Odisha seeks GI tag for Cuttack’s silver filigree].

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