‘Land of the Cholas’   Coastline, Tamil Nadu  Andhra Pradesh

From Chola (dynasty) and Tam: maṇṭalam, ‘district’, ‘region’, ‘country’

Coromandel refers to the eastern coast of (northern) Tamil Nadu from Kodiakkarai, a.k.a. Point Calimere, to the mouth of the Krishna river at Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh). It roughly corresponds with the Mā’bar of Marco Polo and the Arab traders [Ara: māʿbar, ‘passage’, ‘crossing point’].

The original form of the name, Chōḻamaṇḍala [‘circle’ or ‘space’ of the Cholas], indicates the connection with the ancient Chola [Tam: cōḻa] dynasty which reigned from Thanjavur and included this territory (and more) in its kingdom in the 11thC.

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Chola empire under Rajendra Chola I (c. 1030 CE)          Venu62


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