“Colombo Jumbo”  Sri Lanka. 

 This is a pdf copy of my book  “Colombo Jumbo: The Origin of Colombo Street Names” (2012)

In the original there was a street name missing, so here it is:

Staple Street (Colombo)

John Staples (1770-1839) from Kingswood in Hampshire was Quartermaster of the 2nd Ceylon Regiment. The family intermarried with Burghers and produced a small dynasty of advocates, judges, surgeons and journalists recorded in the Dutch Burgher genealogies.

The most likely candidates for a street naming are: Henry Charles Staples (1871-?), the Government Surveyor, and Aelian Arthur Staples (1869-1913), the Editor of the “Ceylon Independent.”

This street name went missing somewhere between first draft and final proof of the first edition of Colombo-Jumbo. Perhaps I should have attached it more securely!





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