Mar: चिपळूण  c(h)ipaḷūṇa

‘Pure Mind’  -City/District    Maharashtra

From Chitpavan [Skt: pāvana, ‘pure’, ‘holy’; Skt: c(h)itta, ‘mind’, ‘thought’].

This area was the original home of the Chitpavan Brahmins which suggests that Chiplun is a corruption of their name.

Alternatively, an origin myth is told of how Parashurama [Skt: paraśu, ‘axe’, ‘hatchet’ and Rama] the sixth avatar of Vishnu:created this community from the corpses of shipwrecked sailors he saved from the pyre [Skt: citā, ‘(funeral) pyre’] and brought back to life as fully-fledged Brahmins.

The Shivasrushti at Derwan is a sculpted life story of the Maratha King Shivaji.

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Shivasrushti, Derwan (Chiplun District)       Abhay Bhosale