Mal: ചേര്‍ത്തല c(h)ērttala

‘Joined Land’  Town, Kerala

From Tam/Mal: c(h)ēr/c(h)ērtt, ‘join’, ‘attach’, ‘add’; Mal: aḷam, coastal area. 

It is possible that the name refers to ancient land reclamation: extensive parts of the backwaters have been reclaimed from Vembanad Lake for cultivation, in earlier times this was done with water wheels.

Also,  Cherthala joins the Alappuzha-Kochi ‘peninsula’ (formed by the Vembanad Lake) to the mainland at its mid-point.

Also: ‘Coconut Land’, ‘Coconut Point’. From Mal/Tam: cēr, ‘marking-nut tree’ [Semecarpus anacardium] or Mal: kēram/chēra, coconut; and aḷam, ‘coastal area’ or Mal/Tam:  tala/talai,  ‘head’, ‘point’.

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