(Confluence of the) Chandra and Bhaga Rivers’ [Asikni, ChandrabhagaHimachal Pradesh (Him)Jammu & Kashmir (J&K)

The Chenab River flows through Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, and into Punjab, Pakistan.

Asiniki, its original name, probably desribes its dark waters [Skt:  ásiknī, (of ásita) ‘not white, ‘dark-coloured’, ‘black’].

The 1,200 km river starts in Tandy, Himachal Pradesh, where the Chandra and Bhaga rivers meet.

The Chenab (along with the Beas, Sutlej, Ravi, and Jhelum) is one of the five major rivers of the Punjab (Pun) region that give it its name.

The Chenab Railway Bridge is now, at 359m, the world’s highest and is 35m taller than the Eiffel Tower [Video: World’s Highest Rail Bridge-BBC]

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