Mal: ചാവക്കാട്  c(h)āvakkāṭ

‘Dead Forest’  [Chowghat]  Town,  Kerala 

From Tam/Mal: c(h)āva, ‘dead’, ‘blighted’; kāṭu, ‘forest’, ‘jungle’.

Some suggest a forest ‘curse’ but, being on a coastal land,  it is more likely to be a barren or infertile stretch of land.

St Thomas founded his first church here at Palayoor in 52 AD [originally Palur, ‘Bridgetown’ from Mal:  pāla, ‘bridge’ and ur, ‘town’].

He had come to preach at a settlement called Judankunnu [‘Jews’ Hill’] whose inhabitants were, it seems, unimpressed and  later moved on to Kodungallur, probably cursing as they went.

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The beach at Chavakkad

The beach at Chavakkad          Chippu Abraham