Mal: ചങ്ങനാശ്ശേരി c(h)aṅ(g)anāśśēri

Sengan’s  Town’   Town, Kerala

From Senguttavan Cheran and Mal/Tam: c(h)ēri ‘town, village, settlement’.

Changanassery’s history dates back to the early period of the Chera dynasty (c. 1st-3rdC) in the Sangam period when Kuttunad and Changanassery were the key cities.

Senguttavan Chera (Chenkuttuvan Chera) was the 2ndC ruler who appears in the Sangam epic  Silappadikaram – possibly written by his brother, Prince Ilango Adigal.

King Senguttuvan was so impressed by Kannagi’s story that he erects a statue in her honour: the beginnings of the cult of the goddess Pattini which appears later in Sri Lanka

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Sign at Changanassery Railway Station

Sign at Changanassery Railway Station     RajeshUnuppally