Hin: पश्चिम/पूर्वी चंपारण pashchim/purwi champāran

‘Magnolia Forest’ Region/E+W Districts, Bihar 

From Skt:  चम्पक kampa-ka ‘magnolia champak tree’ (Michelia champaca); and अरण्य aranya, ‘forest’, ‘wood’.

The magnolia champak (a.k.a. joy perfume tree, yellow jade orchid tree and fragrant Himalayan champaca) is a 50m tree valued for its fragrance: it is used for worship, hair ornamentation and oils.

Champaran is famous for being the location of Gandhi’s first satyagraha protest in 1917 against working conditions for indigo farmers.

Champaran region is now split into two districts: East and West Champaran.

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