Mal: ചാലക്കുടി c(h)ālakkuṭi

‘Prosperous Settlement’   Town,  Kerala

From Tam/Mal: c(h)āla/c(h)āl ‘abundant’, ‘noble’; and kuṭi  ‘settlement’, ‘colony’.

Chalakudy was the site of the Nedumkotta defence fortification to resist the military advances of Hyder Ali Khan against Travancore State. Tipu Sultan later used Chalakudy as his military base for incursions southwards into the Travancore kingdom.

The 145.5 km Chalakudy river, Kerala’s fifth longest, is named after the town.

Chalakudy is a convenient stopover for visits to the Athirapally Falls

Also: Some have suggested that it may have been an ancient sacrifice site – I think not. [Skt: yājña, ‘sacrifice’; śāla, ‘tent’, ‘enclosure’; and Mal: koṭi, ‘flag’, ‘banner’].

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Athirapally Falls during the monsoon

Athirapally Falls during the monsoon          Jan Joseph George