Kon: कांदोळी kāndōḷī

‘Dyke Village’   Town, Goa

From Mar: kāṇḍōḷī, ‘embankment’, ‘dyke’; and Kan: halli/valli →oli, ‘village’, ‘hamlet’. 

The dykes are a system of raised ridges of earth used to reclaim marshland and capture water for irrigation.

Candolim was the first village to be entirely converted to Christianity in the 16thC and was also, in contrast, the focal point of the anti-Portuguese Pinto revolt of 1787 when three prominent priests of the Pinto clan, bitter about discrimination and abuse in the Church and government, hatched a plot to oust the Portuguese (there were secret negotiations with Tipu Sultan). The plot was uncovered and fifteen of the conspirators were executed

Candolim beach stretches from Fort Aguada to Calangute (see Aguada and Calangute).

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Candolim Beach, Goa   Rupeshsarkar