Kon: काणकोण kāṇkŏṇ

‘Forest Corner’ [Kadkona]  City/Taluk, Goa

From Kan: kāḍu, ‘forest’, ‘jungle’; and Kan: kōṇ(a), ‘angle’, ‘corner’.

Assuming Kadkona is the original name, this derivation is the simplest (with various name twins in South India), although there are other more contrived derivations suggesting Puranic origins for the name.

Canacona was one of the last areas of Goa under Portuguese control and, as a result, has remained more Hindu than many of the other regions.

The modern Canacona features the popular, pristine and prize-winning Palolem Beach.

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Palolem Beach, South Goa     Satyajit Nayak