Hin: बूंदी  bundī

Narrow Passage’  [Bunda-ka-Nal, Boondi] – City/District,  Rajasthan 

From Hin: band/bund, ‘narrow’; Hin: nal, ‘passage’, ‘channel’.

Bundi is situated, like an oasis, in a narrow passage in a valley in the Aravalli Hills. Bundi lies north-east of the Chambal river in a hilly tract historically known as Haraoti.

Some suggest the name could derive from a 13thC chief, ‘Bundi’ or ‘Boondi’.

Taragarh Fort [Hin: tara, ‘star’; gaṛh, ‘(hill) fort’] is a huge 16thC fort complex built into a 435m hill with large reservoirs carved out of solid rock.

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Taragarh Fort, Bundi    Satyadev Hirani