Sin: බොරලැස්ගමුව boralæsgamuva – Tam: போரலெஸ்கமுவ bōraleskamuva

‘Clay Village’   City, Colombo District/WP,  Sri Lanka

From Sin: bora, ‘mud, clay, sediment’ or boralu, ‘gravel, pebbles’; and gama/gamuwa, ‘village’.

Boralesgamuwa has one of the largest industrial grade china clay deposits in Sri Lanka, used for porcelain, as well as supplies of sand and gravel.

The Bellanwila Rajamaha Viharaya is an important Buddhist temple on account of its Bo(dhi) tree: 2,300 years old and rumoured to be one of the first offshoots of the ancient Anuradhapura tree which itself was a cutting from the original Bodhi tree [Ficus religiosa] under which the Buddha attained Enlightenment in India.

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Bellanwila Viharar       Shehanw