Tel: బొబ్బిలి bobbili

‘Great Tiger’ Town, Andhra Pradesh 

The town of Bobbili was founded during the 17thC by Pedda Rayadu. He came into the area under the patronage of Sher [Hin/Urd: sher, ‘tiger’] Mohammad Khan who granted him land in recognition of his services.

He built a fort and town, naming it Pedda Puli (Great Tiger) after his patron [Tel: pedda, ‘royal, ‘great’; and puli, ‘tiger’]. The name was transformed in a fairly predictable way: Peddpul→iPebbuli→Bebbuli→Bobbili.

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Bobbili Fort in Andhra Pradesh. The etymology of the Indian place name Bobbili is explained here.

Bobbili Fort             Zoey Francis