Ben: বিষ্ণুপুর biṣṇupura

‘City of Vishnu’  City/District, West Bengal 

From Vishnu and Skt: pur, ‘city’

The Vaishnavite Malla rulers built a series of elaborate terracotta temples here between the 17th and 19th centuries and spread out over a complex stretching for 3 km.

The most important is the Shyama Raya temple, built in 1643. Its intricate carvings tell stories related to Lords Krishna and Rama

The Mallas patronised music, and the Bishnupur gharana form of singing in particular.

The Bishnupur Mela is held every year and celebrates the music, dance and culture of the region against the backdrop of the temples.

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Shyam Raya Temple, Bishnupur

Shyam Raya Temple, Bishnupur          Dr. Indranil Banerjee