Ben: বীরভূম bīrabhūma

‘Land of the Brave’  District, West Bengal 

From Ben: bīra: ‘brave’, ‘heroic’; and Ben: bhūmi: ‘land’,  ‘place’.

‘Forest Land’ could work too [if we accept the mixed San: bir, ‘forest; and Ben: bhūmi: ‘land’,  ‘place’].

Birbhum is nicknamed the land of ‘red soil’, which is a reference to its laterite rock and soil type, rich in iron and aluminium. 

Birbhum District  is the location of Shantiniketan, established by Devendranath Tagore in 1863, and later expanded by his son Rabindranath Tagore (winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913) whose vision it was to create a centre of Arts and Education which eventually became the Visva-Bharati University.

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Shantiniketan Griha

Shantiniketan Griha          SuparnaRoyChowdhury