Hin: बिहार शरीफ bihār shariph

‘Exalted Saint’  City/District HQ, Bihar 

From Hin/Urd शरीफ़ sharīf,  ‘noble’, ‘exalted’, ‘virtuous’

Bihar Sharif is the final resting place of Sheikh Sharfuddin Ahmed or Makhdoom-ul-Mulk Bihari, a 12-13thC Sufi mystic. He settled here to teach after living for thirty years as an ascetic in the hills and forests. His tomb is at Badi Dargah Mosque in Bihar Sharif.

The modern city is famous for its footwear, textiles and beedis.

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Badi Dargah Mosque, Bihar Sharif (Bihar).

Badi Dargah Mosque, Bihar Sharif                      Abhishek.chandan


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