Hin: भिण्ड bhiṇḍ

‘Bhindi (Rishi)’  Town/District, Madhya Pradesh (MP)

From Hin: bhiṇḍa ‘embanked ground (round a tank)’.

The town is built around the banks of the ancient Gori Sarowar (Gori/Gauri Lake).

The district is named, others say, after the mythological Hindu saint Vibhandak or Bhindi Rishi who performed austerities here.

The 8-9thC Advaita guru, Adi Sankara, is said to have established four Maṭhas or monasteries: Badrikashrama in the North; Sringeri in the South; Jagannatha Puri in the East; and Dvārakā in the West.

Each monastery has its own Head whose mission was to continue the teaching and practice of Vedanta. Some suggest that these Mathas were were originally ashrams established by Vibhandak and his son Ŗșyaśŗnga.

Bhind is part of a region with expanding and extensive ravines: many tens of metres high. They are caused by water erosion and soil loss. The Government of Madhya Pradesh is trying desperately to find solutions [Article: At a blind bend].

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