Tel: భీమవరం bhīmavaraṁ

‘Bhima’s Gift’  [Bhimapuram]City, Andhra Pradesh 

. From Bhima and Skt: puri, ‘fort’, ‘city’; or Tel: varamu, ‘boon’, ‘blessing’, ‘gift’.

Legends tell the story of Chalukya Bheema, a 10thC Eastern Chalukya king, who built a temple to Siva here and  founded the original town, Bhimapuram.

The name was changed or corrupted to Bhimavaram, the varam indicating a ‘gift’ or ‘endowment’.

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Bhimavaram Railway Station. The origin of the Indian place name Bhimavaram in Andhra Pradesh is explained here.

Bhimavaram Railway Station    Kasyap