Guj: ભરૂચ bharūc(h)

‘Bhrigu’s Riverbank’  [Broach]  -City/District, Gujarat

From Bhrigu and Skt/Guj: kachchha/kaccha, ‘bank’, ‘border’. 

This derivation implies that the modern name is a corruption of Bhrigukaccha.

Bhrigu is one of the Seven Sages of Vedic India. According to the Skanda Purana he migrated from Dhosi Hill, a volcano in Rajasthan, to Bharuch. He is revered as the founder of an esoteric system of Hindu predictive astrology.

Bharuch is Gujarat’s oldest city and was famous as a port (on the Narmada river) and shipbuilding centre, but is now more about chemical plants than boats. The British called it Broach. 

Bharuch Railway Station Platform     Makwana1993