Hin: भरतपुर  bharatapūra

Bharat’s City’  [Bhurtpore] City/District, Rajasthan

From Bharata and  Skt: pura, ‘fort’, ‘city’.

The city, founded by Maharaja Suraj Mal in 1733, is named after Bharat, the half-brother of Rama who served as the king of Ayodhya during the fourteen years of Rama’s exile. Laxman, Rama’s other brother has a 400-year old temple dedicated to him in the city.

The Bharatpur Fort (a.k.a. Loha Garh, ‘Iron Fort’], with solid mud-packed walls and deep, uncrossable moat, proved itself in the 1805 Siege of Bharatpur. Ranjit Singh’s defenders repulsed the British forces (under General Lake) four times, inflicting 3,292 casualties on the hapless besiegers.

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Lohagarh Fort, Bharatpur   nileshkorgaokar