Odi: ଭଞ୍ଜନଗର bhañjanagara

‘Poet King City’ [Russellkonda] Town, Odisha

Under British rule this city was called Russellkonda  [Tel: konda hill’, ‘hillock’] after George Russell, dispatched to Odisha from the Madras Board of Revenue in 1836 to quell revolt among Hindu chiefs and tribal groups in the region. He declared martial law and brutally suppressed the rebellion, and then used the pretext of eradicating the ‘meriah’  human sacrifice as a pretext for a bloody conquest of the Khonds.

Bhanjanagar [Hin/Skt: nagar/am, ‘city’, ‘town’] is named after Odisha’s own Upendra Bhanja, a 17th-18thKabi Samrat, ‘poet king’.

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