Mar: भंडारा bhaṇḍāra

‘Treasury’   [Bhanara]   City/District  Maharashtra

From Mar/Skt: bhāṇḍāra(m)/bhāṇḍāgāra ‘treasury’, ‘store-house’.

Bhandara is nicknamed the ‘Brass City’ on account of its traditional brassworking trade. Some have suggested that the onamatopoeic bhan-bhan captures the tapping of hammers on metal. See Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan.)

Bhandara is called the ‘District of lakes’ and the city sits on a a bend in the Wainganga River.

Further south is the Gosekurd Dam near Pauni, an earthfill dam with 33 spillway gates to regulate irrigation.

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Gosekhurd Dam (Bhandara District)     Kmohankar