Kan: ಭದ್ರಾವತಿ bhadrāvati

 ‘Bhadra Village’  City, Karnataka (Kar)

From Bhadra river and Kan: vāḍī/vāṭī, ‘settlement’, ‘village’.

The 171km Bhadra river [Skt: bhadra, ‘blessed’, ‘auspicious’] flows through southern Karnataka starting out from the Western Ghats (in Chikkamagaluru District), joining the Tunga River (at Koodli), and then flowing out into the Bay of Bengal.

The Bhadra dam (59m high and 1,708m long) was built in 1965 and fills a reservoir which can irrigate more than 162,000 hectares.

Bhadravati is an industrial city, Mysore Iron and Steel Limited (MISL) was founded in 1918 supplied with iron ore from Kemmannugundi and water from the Bhadra River. Mysore Paper Mills Limited was opened in 1936.

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Bhadravati, the Iron City

Bhadravati, the Iron City          Manjeshpv