Hin: बाड़मेर  bāramēr

‘Bahada’s Hill Fort’  [Malani, Bahadamer Kot] -City/District, Rajasthan

From Bahada; Hin: mer(u), ‘mountain’, ‘ridge’; and Skt/Hin: koṭa, ‘fortress’.

Barmer is derived from Bahada Rao Parmar who built Bahadamer Kot in Juna (some 25km away) in the 13thC. The current site was called Malani after Rawal Mallinath, a 14th-century warrior-saint/folk hero of Rajasthan. It was only after the rulers moved their capital from Juna that the city gained its current name.

The ruined Kiradu temples are 40km from the city. They were built in the 11-12thC by Solanki Rajputs.

Barmer is now Rajasthan’s second richest District (36% above the national average).

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