ବରଗଡ଼ baragaṛa

‘Great Fort’ City/District, Odisha

From Odi: baṛa/baṛd̩a, ‘big’, ‘great’; or Balaram Deva’; and Odi: garha, gardha, ‘fort’.

Balaram Deva, the 16th C Chauhan King of Sambalpur, ruled this province when it acquired the name Bargarh and it may, like Balangir, be a corruption of Balaramgarh. 

Bargarh is known as the ‘Bhata Handi’ [Hin: bhāta, (boiled) rice; haṇḍī, ‘pot‘, ‘cauldron’] of India.

The Dhanu Yatra festival every year tells the story of the young Krishna, especially his battle with the evil King Kansha. The festival lasts eleven days and the whole town becomes a stage.

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