Ben: বর্ধমান bardhamāna

‘(City of) Vardhaman’ [Burdwan, Vardhaman] City/District, West Bengal

Burdwan is the British corruption of Bardhaman [Skt: Vardhamana]. The origin possibly dates back to Mahavira or Vardhaman, the 6thC BC  Jain Tirthankar who was a contemporary of the Buddha. He is said to have spent a monsoon here, when it was called Astikagrama; consequently the town was named after him (then or possibly much later).

Alternatively, it may simply be a ‘prosperous city’ [from Skt: vardha, ‘(giving or increasing) prosperity’]. 

Bardhaman is the HQ of Purba Bardhaman district.

The Bardhaman Rajas were once all-powerful landlords and patrons of the arts in the region building temples at Kalna and Nabadwip.

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Curzon Gate, Bardhaman

Curzon Gate, Bardhaman          Rangan Datta Wiki