Hin: बांधवगढ़ bāndhavagaṛh

‘Brother Fort’   Fort, National Park  Madhya Pradesh (MP)

From: Hin: bāndhava, ‘brother’, ‘kinsman’; and gaṛh, ‘fort’

Sitting on a hill 800m above the National Park is Bandhavagarh Fort. Its builders remain unknown but where historical evidence is lacking there is always a myth:

Lord Rama stopped here on his way back to Ayodhya after slaying Ravana in Lanka. He ordered his two monkey architects, Nala and Neela, to build a fort here high up so that he could keep an eye on what was happening in Lanka. When the fort was completed he gave it to his brother Laksmana as a present.

The fort is certainly old: Cunningham (1871) mentions Ptolemy referring to it as Balanti-or Baiam- purgaon which dates it back to the 2ndC at least. It has gone through a succession of owners and refits since.

Bhandavgarh National Park covers an area of more than 100 sq km and has 22 tigers (one of every 5 sq. km).

It also has 37 other species of mammals, a cool 250 species of birds, and around 80 species of butterflies.

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Bandhavgarh jeep safari with tigers

Bandhavgarh jeep safari with tigers             Monsoon Forest