Kan: ಬಳ್ಳಾರಿ baḷḷāri

‘Bush Town’  [Bellary, Vallari,Vallaripuram] City/District, Karnataka (Kar)

From Tam/Kan: vallai/balle ‘thicket’, ‘bush’, ‘forest’; or Skt/Tam/Kan: vaḷḷi/baḷḷi/vallari, ‘creeper’, ‘vine’; and Skt: puri, ‘fort’, ‘city’ or Kan: ūr, ‘village’, ‘town’.

Ballari fort and  town are located around two large boulder-strewn granite hills: Kumbara Gudda [Kan: kumbāra, ‘potter’; and guḍḍa, ‘hill’] and Ballari Gudda (the fort is built here).

Ballari has traditionally been associated with cotton, spinning mills, textiles and garment manufacture.

Today it is famous for its denim: there are nearly 300 garment units in the city.

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Bellary Fort

Bellary Fort          Marc Roberts