Sin: බළන්ගොඩ baḷangoḍa – Tam: பலாங்கொடை balāṅkoṭai

‘Look-out Hill’ -Town, SBP,  Sri Lanka

From Sin: balanawa, ‘look, superintend, observe, protect’; and goda, ‘bank, hill, village’.

Balangoda was the site where skeletons of anatomically modern humans dating back 38,000 years were found. There is some evidence that  Balangoda Man (as the skeletons were called) has some genetic affinity with modern-day Veddas, Sri Lanka’s indigenous people.

Situated in the Sabaragamuwa Mountain Range, Balangoda has its fair share of hilltop views and observation points.

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Balangoda View             Sankalpalk