Sin: බදුල්ල badulla –  Tam: பதுளை batuḷai

‘Marking Nut Tree’  -City/Capital, UP,  Sri Lanka

From Sin: badulla, ‘marking nut tree’ [Semecarpus anacardium]

Semecarpus anacardium is called the ‘marking nut’ because dhobies used it to make an insoluble mark on clothes before they were washed as a way of identifying the owner.

Badulla actually refers to the whole Semecarpus species (related to the cashew and mango) including: Kiri Badulla [Semecarpus anacardium]; Kalu Badulla [Semecarpus obovatum/obvata]; Maha badulla [Semecarpus subpeltata]; and Geta Badulla [Semecarpus nigro-viridis];and Heen badulla [Semecarpus parvifolia]. The species is known for producing severe allergenic reactions.

Badulla, however, sitting pretty at 680m, is more famous for its tea.

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