Hin: असीरगढ़ asīragaṛh

‘Asa Ahir’s Fort’  Fort, Madhya Pradesh (MP)

From Aswatthama (Giri); or Asa Ahir; and Hin: gaṛh, ‘fort’, ‘citadel’

There is a legend that Ashwatthama, the son of the guru Drona in the Mahābhārata, used to come to the Shiva temple here, and that the Astamba-giri  shrine is dedicated to him. 

The fort itself was built in the 14thC by Asa Ahir and this is a more likely derivation.

The fort occupied a strategic location in the Satpura Hills which earned it the name ‘Key to the Deccan’.

It is also a fort which has never been captured by assault and is rumoured to be haunted! [Article: Does the impregnable Asirgarh Fort turn haunted at night?]

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