Tam: அறுகம் குடா aṟukam kuṭā – Sin: ආරුගම් බොක්ක ārugam bokka

‘Bermuda Grass Bay’   [Arugam Kudah]  -Resort, EP,  Sri Lanka

From Tam: arugam-pul, ‘Bermuda grass’ [Cynodon dactylon]. 

Bermuda grass is a plant of many names: it is also known as durva grass, dog’s tooth grass, Bahama grass, devil’s grass, couch grass, wiregrass and scutch grass. 

Another interesting, but unlikely, suggestion is that, given its location on the far east of the island, Arugam is the first village [Sin: gama, ‘village’] in Sri Lanka to greet the dawn [Skt: aruna, ‘dawn’; like Arunachal Pradesh state in India – ‘land of the dawn-lit mountains’].

Arumugam Bay is a centre for surfing in Sri Lanka and also hosts international competitions.


World Surf League Event             Arugam Bay Surf Club