Odi: ଅନୁଗୋଳ anugoḻa

‘Pleasant City’  [Angulaka-Pattana, Anugul] – City/District, Odisha

From Skt: anukūla, ‘favourable’, ‘agreeable‘ (lit. ‘with the slope/current/grain’); and Odi: paṭṭana, ‘town’, ‘city’.

Angul is referred to as the ‘heart’ of Odisha: the Anukula or Angulaka kingdom has always had a strategic location between the western (inland) and eastern (coastal) regions of Odisha.

At one point it was a Khond stronghold and some say the name may be related to Anu, the last Khond tribal chief, who was behind a Odi: goḻa/guḻ, ‘conspiracy’, ‘plot’ to start a rebellion.

Also: 1. ‘Beautiful City’, from  Tam/Tel: aṅkam/aṅgu, ‘beauty’; and Odi: paṭṭana, ‘town’, ‘city’.

Angul is also called the ‘Industrial Capital’ of Odisha:  it generates more revenue than any other district and has an advanced industrial economy based on coal, aluminium and thermal power.

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