Mal: അങ്കമാലി aṅkamāli

‘Trading Port’  [Angadikadavu]  Town,  Kerala

From Tam/Mal: aṅkāṭi/aṅgaḍi, ‘bazaar’, ‘market’; Mal: kaṭavu, ‘beach’, ‘landing place’, ‘wharf’; and māli/maly, ‘(sea)port’.

Manjaly thodu [Mal: tōṭu, ‘water-course’] which flows through the town was once a major waterway and Angadikadavu was an important trading centre for spices, rice, and bamboo. 

Some suggest that the name may derive from Akamaly [Mal: akam, ‘inside’] or ‘inland port’ on account of this trade along the waterways.

There is now an attempt to clean up and revive the Majaly Thodu waterway.


St George's Basilica Church, Angamaly

St George’s Basilica Church, Angamaly               Ranjithsiji