Guj: અમરેલી amarēlī

‘Immortal Village’  [Amarvalli/Amarpalli] – City/District, Gujarat

From Guj/Skt: amar, ‘immortal’, ‘indestructible’;  and Skt/Dra:: palli, ‘village’, ‘hamlet’. 

Amreli was transformed from a village to a town under the Gaekwad Marathas (a Marathi clan ruling in the princely state of Baroda from the 18thC through to Independence) who used it as a base for taxing and controlling the Kathiawar Peninsula. It became a city proper when Vithalrao Devaji became Diwan in the early 19thC.

Amreli is at least twelve centuries old; not quite immortal but heading in the right direction.

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Amreli Tower       Anujmayatra