Tam: ஆம்பூர் āmpūr

‘Lily Town’  -City, Tamil Nadu

From Tam: āmpal, ‘Water-lily’ [Nymphaea lotus]; and ur, ‘town’, ‘city’.

The town sits on the mighty 348km Palar river and this may have been famous at one time for its water-lilies.

The modern city is better known for its leather works – there are more than 300 leather tanneries, all regularly accused of turning the riverbed into a dumping ground for pollutants. 

Also: (1) ‘Arrow City’ [from Tam: ampu, ‘arrow’]. The Naganathasamy temple has a hero stone portraying a warrior armed with a sword, bow and arrow; his chest has been shown pierced by several arrows. (2) ‘City of Devotion’ [Tam: anpu, ‘devotion’, ‘grace’, ‘love’]. Ambur has been called an  ālayam ur, ‘temple town’, because every street has a temple.

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