Hin: आमेर amer

‘Ambikeshwar (Mahadev)’ – Fort/City, Rajasthan

From Ambikeshwar.

Amber Fort and Palace, and the town of Amer, date back to the 10thC. They took on their current form after being re-built and developed by Raja Man Singh I and Jai Singh I in the 16-17thC.

They are named after the hill-top Ambikeshwar Temple. Ambikeshwar is the local name for Lord Shiva, although Amba, the goddess Durga, is another possibility. The complex sits in a spectacular mountain gorge with panoramic views of Maota Lake.

There are reliable rumours that the nearby Jaigarh Fort, which overlooks the lake and the palace, has secret treasure. Man Singh (Emperor Akbar’s Defence Minister in the 16thC) stashed it here following an Afghan expedition. Searches have so far failed to reveal where the loot is hidden.

Amer is the former capital of Jaipur state. It was built by the Kachhwaha Rajputs – an 800 year old dynasty from Gwalior. Raja Man Singh (a Rajput commander of Akbar’s army) the construction of the fort started in the late 16thC.

Amber/Amer city is now part of the Jaipur Municipal Corporation.

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Amber Fort   Jean-Pierre Dalbéra