Hin: अम्बाला ambāla.

‘Mango Village’  City/District, Haryana.

From Hin: amba , ‘mango’; Hin: wala, ‘a place with’, ‘village’.

There are two other suggestions:

  • from the goddess Bhawani Amba whose Temple still exists in Ambala city;
  • named after Amba Rajput who allegedly founded it during the 14thC. 

Ambala is a twin city made up of two parts separated by eight km: Ambala Cantonment and Ambala City, The Cantonment indicates a long association with the Arny and Air Force both under the British and post-Independence.

Its strategic location near Chandigarh and Delhi, but also close to the Punjabi border, have been behind suggestions that it could be developed as an alternative economic centre to Delhi.

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Ambala Cantonment Railway Station       Gopal1035