Hin: अलीराजपुर  alīrājapūr.

‘Anand’s Town’ Town/District, Madhya Pradesh (MP).

From Anandaoli/Ali and Rajpur [Skt/Hin: raj, ‘king’; and pur, ‘(fortified) town’, city].

Rajpur was founded in 1500.

The capital of the princely state was then moved to Rajpur from Anandaoli [from Anand Deo Rathore, the founder; and puri-auli/oli, ‘town’, ‘city’]. 

The new capital took on the merged name Ali+Rajpur – Ali/Aali was a the corrupted form of Anandaoli.

It remained the capital until Independence when it became part of Jhabua Distict. It became a district in its own right in 2008.

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Traditional Bhil Fair, Kathiawara (Alirajpur District)

Traditional Bhil Fair, Kathiawara (Alirajpur District)          Ajaychouhan811