Mar: अकोला  akōlā

 ‘Akol Tree’ [Asadgad]  -City/District, Maharashtra

From Hin/Mar: akol/ankol, ‘sage-leaved alangium’ [Alangium salviifolium]. 

The akol/ankol is a small tree. It is  used for the treatment of hemorrhoids and rheumatic arthritis.

Also, legend has it that an Akol Singh built a mud fort here in a distant era.

The full scale version was constructed by Asad Khan in 1697 when Aurangzeb was Emperor and it was named Asadgad after him [from Hin/Mar:  gadh/gaḍhī, ‘fort’]. It was also called Akola Fort. 

Akola fort is notable in that it is bereft of any decorative embellishments.

Akola Fort       Ashish Wankhade