Hin: अजमेर  ajamer

Invincible Ridge’  [Ajay Meru] City, District  Rajasthan.

From Ajayaraj or Skt: ajay/ajayya, ‘invincible’; and Hin: meru, ‘mountain’, ‘ridge’. 

Ajmer was founded by Ajayaraja I in the 7-9thC. It is positioned in a scenic valley surrounded by the Aravalli hills and close to the Nag Pahar ridge [‘Cobra Mountain’, from Skt: nāg, ‘cobra’; Hin: pahāṛ, ‘mountain’] which separates Ajmer and Pushkar. Ajayaraja built the Taragarh hill fort here on the steep, rough edges of the hill which overlooks the city. With its 3.2km of wall it was an important line of defence during the Sultanate and Moghul periods, but fell into disuse under the British who used it as a sanatorium.

Cf. the mythological Mount Meru at the centre of the world and the 6,660m Meru Peak in Uttarakhand.

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Ajmer City View   Shahrukhalam334