Mar: अहमदनगर  ahamadanagara 

‘Ahmad’s City’  City/District, Maharashtra

Ahmadnagar. From Ahmed and Skt: nagar, ‘city’

Malik Ahmad Nizam Shah I won a surprising victory  here in 1494 (against Mahmood Shah II of the Bahmani Sultanate) on the basis of which he founded the city and the Ahmadnagar Sultanate which lasted another one hundred years.

His fort, 18m high with 24 citadels, has withstood countless attacks, changing hands many times.

It has also served as a prison: Nehru wrote his ‘The Discovery of India ‘ while imprisoned here with his Congress colleagues during the 1942 Quit India movement.

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Nehru’s room at Ahmednagar fort       Jonathansammy