Tel: అదిలాబాదు adilābādu

‘Cattle Town’ [Eddulapuram, Edlabad] City/District, Telangana.

From Tel: eddu(lu), ‘bullock(s)’, ‘ox(en)’; and Skt: puram, ‘fort’, ‘city’; Urd:  ābād, ‘city’, ‘town’.

Some suggest that Adilabad is named after Yusuf Adil Shah, 15-16thC founder of the Sultanate of Bijapur. This seems unlikely: his Empire did not stretch this far and it is a two week march in the wrong direction.

It is is much more likely to be a corruption of Eddulabad/Edlabad, a name coined in honour of a cattle market or local cattle farms, presumably.

The modern District is famous for its cotton production and the city is nicknamed ‘White Gold City’.

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